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Are you searching for a CNC milling and turning manufacturer or looking for any other CNC machining services, then you have arrived at the right place. Dongguan Ruiqi Machinery Hardware Co., Limited is the leading manufacturer of various CNC machinery. Our experience, super-efficient workforce, and work ethics are the things that make us the top brand in the market. CNC milling is a procedure in which the material is arranged so that the cutting tools can spin around it. It is also best for complex components manufacturing, such as complex mechanisms, engine parts, custom tooling, and enclosures. On the other side, CNC turning requires the tools to be kept in the same place while the material is rotated at a certain speed to get an accurate shape. It is commonly used to make cylindrical components, such as custom shafts and hollow tubing.

What We Offer:

There is a range of tools that we offer to our clients and they are using these and revolving their small-scale businesses into large-scale ones. These include: • End milling
Boring milling machine
• Hydraulic tool holders
• Tool holders
Diamond blade
• Diamond tool
• Precision tool holders
High precision tool holders
• CNC milling and turning

What Sets us Apart?


We are ready to provide top-quality CNC milling and turning at market competitive pricing because of the use of innovative technology and infrastructure. Our manufacturing plant has all the possible capability of production to continue creating high-quality products.

Focused Team:

We have a capable staff of highly qualified engineers, designers, and quality assurance specialists with decades of expertise in manufacturing CNC machinery in large quantities. Every year, our technology-driven production unit produces approximately 1000 different production versions. Manufacturing unique and competitive price tags is our primary strength. Our tools are up to speed with international production requirements.

About Product

Our factory is located in Chang'an Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. It is only a 25-minute drive from Shenzhen Airport and a 50-minute drive from Guangzhou Airport.

Our factory has 44 sets of CNC machine tools Anka and Walter, 23 sets of testing equipment, and 24 sets of other auxiliary equipment.There are 106 workers and a modern workshop of 6000 square meters. We have 21 years of experience in tool production and can produce 4000 milling cutters per day .The main tools we produce include carbide tools, CBN tools, and PCD tools, PCD end mills, PCD stone carving tools, PCD woodworking tools; our products are used in thread processing, turning, milling, boring, grooving, and forming, And carving.

About Us

About Us

In the past, we registered a graphic trademark in China. We also sell taps, turning tools, inserts, high-precision spindle tool holders, and milling cutter heads.
Now, we are actively entering overseas markets, including North America, South America, Europe and other markets. We have a large inventory of standard products, and we also accept orders for special carbide milling cutters, diamond cutters, turning tools, milling cutter chucks, etc. Welcome to inquire.
Technological innovation
We never stop pursuing technological innovation, leading products in design concepts and performance, guiding and strengthening brand advantages with technological advantages, and building the company into a professional leading tool enterprise.

Quality comes first

Quality is the cornerstone of brand continuity. We can only bring the best quality products to customers, realize the guarantee of customer benefits, and ensure a win-win and continuous in-depth cooperation with customers.

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Competitive Price

High Quality and nice Prices

Quality assurance
Efficient Services

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Easy to order

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We always keep the below points as our main goals to build an excellent reputation with customers all around the world

Competitive Price, On-time Delivery, Efficient Services


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